November 18, 2010

Cruvee now powers wine competitions w/ clean data

I heard a quote from a CEO of a large company recently saying, “it’s amazing what a small team of individuals can do with vision and a computer.”

The Cruvee team (our client and close friends) have both.  I sit in the same office in admiration of their work as they continue to find ways to leverage data to help wineries succeed in sales and marketing efforts.  They’ve done it again today by adding another major feature to help wineries leverage their wine info to make it easier to participate in wine competitions.  You can read about it here:

Essentially this new feature allows wineries to put their data in and then enter 6 (and growing) wine competitions.  Knowing the inefficiency in entering wine competition forms (often over and over again with the same information), this provides yet another digital tool to efficiently leverage wine data for a winery and save them time and money from having to perform redundant tasks and makes competition management easier.

Here is a list of the current participating competitons:

Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition
San Diego, California
Jan 29, 2011 – Jan 30, 2011

San Diego International Wine Competition
San Diego, California
Feb 2, 2011 – Feb 3, 2011

Monterey International Wine Competition
Monterey, California
Mar 5, 2011 – Mar 6, 2011

Critics Challenge International Wine Competition
San Diego, California
May 28, 2011 – May 29, 2011

Consumer Wine Awards
Lodi, California
March 19, 2011

And this is just the beginning.  Now entering competitions is no longer about filling long forms, but only a few clicks away.  Data used right.  Kudos to them and VinTank hopes wineries will find this as another reason to use

PS – Since they don’t brag enough about the power of, I’ll brag for them of how a small team with a dream and a computer have made a data platform to help wineries succeed online and how it benefits a winery (and mostly for FREE):

  • is centralized data hub to enter your data and have it distributed cleaning in the digital eco-sphere (mobile applications like HelloVino and Drync, wine social networks like, wine portals like, etailers, and more).
  • It currently has over 50 digital partners (and growing) that consume your clean data and presents it to their users (that by the way, represent over 1.4M potential wine consumers). It also helps these wine tech companies to focus on building better service and features instead of wasting resources harvesting data (often not clean) for their users)
  • If your data is in you have the ability to add the FREE Facebook app to help convert fans to buyers:
  • If you enter your product data into you get’s social media monitoring services for FREE until your next vintage (where you can earn them for free again just by entering the products that year).  Cruvee has (as of last week) captured over 6M online conversations about wine.

Any comments or questions?  Have you joined yet?

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