March 7, 2011

Unfiltered: Barry Schuler speaks about Social Media & Wine

The wisdom that Barry gave us was so amazing that we had to break his interview into three segments. Here is the second where speaks about the intersection between social media and wine. A must see.

Unfiltered: the video series Barry Schuler Part 2 from VinTank on Vimeo.

  • Bob Avo

    Have been saying that “social media” isn’t new for the past 3 years using the exact same examples (CompuServe, Prodidy and AOL). Some people really think that this is new. Only the platforms are new. Oh, and the user base is HUGE!

  • Rebecca

    I agree with everything Barry is saying (aside from social media being “the next big thing” — it’s already a big thing)…however, I don’t hear the amazing or novel wisdom? His major points: (1) social media is big. yes, agreed. (2) wine is social unless you’re an alcoholic. yes, agreed. (3) wine can be intimidating. social media is approachable. yes, also agreed.

    What were the real insights here? Or can I push for more???

    • Please feel free to push for more. Also his twitter account is @bschuler. I am not sure that I would say his wisdom is novel but it is important that a luminary like Barry convey the importance to our industry which is reticent to participate in digital activities. His points are accurate and relevant and coupled with a large amount of experience. These all together help ease the anxiety that a winery might otherwise have about participating in social media.

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