March 15, 2011

Why we bought . . .

On January 1st we celebrated our 2nd year in business. Reaching that epic milestone was quite an accomplishment for our team. <Phew>.  During the last two years we aspired to help bridge the gap between digital and wine to catalyze positive change in our industry. We’ve been fortunate to work with the best clients and understand the key items that will elevate our industry into a new stratosphere of success. One of our favorite clients and projects has been Their leadership in social media monitoring and providing free data services to help the wine industry better succeed online has inspired us. Their small team has been able to successfully build one of the most impressive software tools that has measured over 100 million conversations and filtered down to 13 million wine conversation and profiled over 3 million online wine enthusiasts. Their two founders, Evan Cover and James Jory are some of the smartest people we have had the pleasure to work with and have quickly become part of our family. I am pleased to have them join us as partners in VinTank serving as COO and CTO respectively.

As the future of wine online becomes brighter and the proliferation of wine/tech companies continues, we felt that including their impressive product into our small company would allow us to push the envelope of innovation and continue to support their free initiatives (Facebook app, data syndication, and more) built to help wine online. Some of the innovations we intend to tackle by integrating the Cruvee engine into our company include Social Customer Relationship Management (in conjunction with and introducing social gaming to the wine industry.

My commitment to the wine industry regarding the Cruvee engine –

  • We will continue to monitor more and more social media networks to help wineries better engage with thier customers.
  • We intend to publish more and more reports about the behavior of wine online for FREE to the industry in order to help wine companies understand the complexity of social media and wine.
  • Cruvee’s data syndication will ALWAYS be FREE. Free for wineries to enter and for Cruvee to syndicate. Free for any wine tech company to consume.
  • We will continue to invest in improvements to the platform.

In fact, in conjunction with this new announcement we are releasing a ton of new features:

New and Improved Features at a Glance:
Data ROI Dashboard – measure and view trends for how your wine information is being accessed online, including sales leads generated from the Cruvee for Wineries Facebook application to your e-commerce site.
Facebook App Customizations – by popular request we have provided you with more control over how your wines are displayed on your Facebook page. You can now edit these settings on our Facebook page.
Enhanced Social Media Campaigns – if you’re using our social media monitoring service, now you can customize how Cruvee monitors social media conversations for your campaign keywords. See the Advanced Settings for each keyword on the the Campaign edit page.
Winery Overview – provides a high-level view of all of your winery-related information.
Percent Complete – throughout the winery sections we provide handy progress gauges to help measure your data’s completeness. Just click on the progress gauge to learn what missing details can get you to 100%.
Marketplace – check out the all-new Cruvee Marketplace to learn more about the Cruvee-enabled partners and applications that can help you succeed online.

  • Finally we will be improving the service and support of the Cruvee engine beyond just a tool and adding seminars and workshops on ways to leverage social media and data for success.

I look forward to all your questions, thoughts, and comments and thank every one of our friends, partners, and especially our families as we start this new journey together.

Wine online. We believe.

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