June 8, 2011

Tastevin – Release the Cruvee API Kraken!!!!

For the last couple years Cruvee has been building an engine intended to be a tool for other companies to leverage to move the wine industry faster into the digital age.  Founded on the principles of open source software, Cruvee has released many free features. But the real power lies in its engine and the free Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) that wine companies can access to catalyze or improve their platforms.  What can building on the Cruvee API’s do for a business?  Here is one example of a great implementation on top of the Cruvee Wine Data API (all information about wineries and wines directly from the wineries).  Meet Tastevin!


Tastevin “Delicious” from Josh Hermsmeyer on Vimeo.

In the words of Josh Hermsmeyer (of pinotblogger.com fame), “We provide a host of services to suppliers including rich demographic data (age, gender, interest etc.) tied to SKU purchases, as well as the ability to A/B test copy, photos and rich media such as videos so that suppliers can determine which point of sale messaging results in the most sales lift. A winery could, as just one example, pre-test a new label design by having half the customers in each of 100 restaurant accounts view one label and half view another over a period of days. In this way wineries can make important branding decisions based on relevant real world data such as click throughs and purchase conversions rather than simply opinions.”

How does Tastevin use the Cruvee Wine Data API? Per Josh:

“* We are leveraging the Cruvee API on our back-end to ensure that suppliers that have taken the time to input their data get the benefit of that forward thinking effort.
* For wineries that want to be assured that they are properly represented to on-premise retail account buyers (diners), we would encourage them to fill out their Cruvee profiles.

Below is a screenshot of the back-end at www.onpremisewine.com. As you can see, when a restaurant attempts to add a wine they are instructed to search for it first. During this search the Cruvee API is called. We treat the Cruvee results as canonical when no other restaurant has added information on that particular wine. So, for small producers this is the very best way to make sure that restaurants are delivering the proper messaging to their restaurant customers.”

This is an amazing leap forward as wineries can now represent their wines accurately in the restaurant and learn about customers at the same time! Kudos to Josh and team.

But Tastevin is not the only company using the Cruvee API.  Our recent launch of VinPass is entirely driven by Cruvee’s API across five (and growing) partners.  Vin65 uses the API to allow wineries to view social mentions of their brand right within the Vin65 dashboard and will be adding a new SCRM feature through another API into the dashboard in the upcoming months.  Everflight is creating a trade portal tool for wholesalers and retailers that leverages the Cruvee Wine API.  VinoVisit is entering their reservations codes into the system so that any iPhone app or web application that does travel and leverages the Cruvee API can enable winery reservations in their app.  Currently over 76 companies/developers consume at least one of the Cruvee API’s to an aggregate audience of over 2 million (and growing) wine lovers!

What other things can be done?

Imagine adding a widget showing all the comments from Twitter and other social networks related to a wine under each wine on a web page (think a running stream like on VinPass.com) – we have the API for you: http://developer.cruvee.com/social-api/.

Imagine starting an app and getting CLEAN and ACCURATE wine data without intentions to leverage your use of the data for their traffic – we have the API for you: http://developer.cruvee.com/search-api/.  Access to Cruvee’s complete meta dataset is also available via APIs for regions/appellations and varieties.

It’s all up to your imagination and we want wine tech companies to benefit from data, not waste resources acquiring it.

Click here see the family of Cruvee API’s.

PS – we are looking for people to build cool apps/wrappers/mashups/etc on top of our API’s.  We will be majorly featuring any developers/companies who do great jobs building useful or fun things on top of our API’s in an upcoming press release, in our Marketplace, and emails to our family of wineries.  If you want a few ideas of what we are looking for:

  • Taking the Cruvee Wine API into Google Base.
  • A Mashup w/Google Maps and Wine API.
  • A blogger widget for VinPass.

Looking forward to seeing more companies develop on top of our open API’s.

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