May 4, 2012

The Newest Feature – Social CRM with your Facebook Fans – HOLY MOLY

James Jory, our CTO, glows with kung foo.  In conversations with many of our clients but ESPECIALLY Craig Camp from Cornerstone Cellars a really interesting challenge with social media kept surfacing.  I talk to someone and they vanish.  I have no way of tracking or remembering if they talked to my brand before.  If you are using the customers tab of our software you see that we do an amazing job with capturing and retaining all the “earned” media conversations.  Earned media is when someone talks about you.  With our last upgrade we added the My Channels function for paying customers that allowed you to monitor your “owned media” like your Facebook Fanpage where people are talking to you.  But still customers vanish down the waterfall of conversations that occur on your Facebook.  We are bringing you a whole new and unique way to interact and measure your Facebook Customers with this feature that layers Social CRM on top of your Facebook Fans.  Check out the screen shots below:


Awesome new CUSTOMER reports about how your fans are interacting with your Facebook page and listing your fans if they are new or by how much they interact.  Valuable information.


Drilling down into the customer allows you to see interactions they’ve had with your Facebook Fan Page and see what type of interaction.

On the My Channels you can easily see your top customers and a quick summary of how many interactions and what type.

Wait till you see what is next!



  • Maybe it’s simply the middle of the night, but I haven’t been able to Craig Camp’s fingerprints in this thread.  Can you please show me how to drill into those records?

    • Hi Rich. The functionality described in this post is available in VinTank Lite and above under “My Channels”. You have to connect a winery brand in your VinTank account to the brand’s FB fan page (you have to be an admin of the FB page for this).

      • While I am not the FB fan page admin at RSWE, I can pass the instructions on to the person who has that responsibility.  I’ll read through the documentation for “My Channels” to make sure that I understand the process.

  • More incredibly innovative SCRM from the leaders known as @VinTank #SocialConnect #wine

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