July 18, 2012

A picture (with LBS) is worth a thousand words . . . introducing Instagram to VinTank

As we hinted last week we are on a roll with an objective to bring location-based services (LBS) channels to VinTank to help you get closer to customers when they are at your winery. Today’s release (combined with last week’s addition of Foursquare) does exactly that! Now anyone checking-in or taking pictures with Instagram at your location will be visibile in the “My Channels” section of your VinTank account. We will be adding other configurations as well very soon. What is the goal for us? To bring you more context and help you connect to your customers who are taking pictures, checking in, or doing any activity (Tweet, FB Check-in, Google Check-in, etc) at your winery. Soon we will be able to send messages (via text, push notification, etc) of these customers and their complete SCRM profile to your tasting room managers. Also you and your social media team (if they are not one and the same) can monitor and respond to customers that visit your winery even if you/they are not there.

Setup (for now) works like this:

1. If you have an Instagram account for your brand, you can connect it to your VinTank account. This will setup monitoring of your account for activity including photos posted and comments or likes of your photos. Social customers and analytics will be created for Instagram users who interact with your brand’s photos. It is recommended that you only connect the Instagram account for your brand to your VinTank account. Connecting personal Instagram accounts to your VinTank account is NOT recommended since this activity will impact the analytics and social customer data for your brand.

2. If you have one or more locations that are open to the public, VinTank can monitor Instagram activity at those locations too. Just make sure that your Foursquare venues are connected on the “Foursquare” tab in your VinTank account and they will be available to connect on the Instagram configuration page (it works this way since Instagram uses Foursquare as its geo-coding service). Social customers will be created for users who post photos from your location. However, users who comment on or like these photos will not be considered customers for your brand. This was a judgement call we made to focus just on direct interactions with your location(s). Your feedback is welcome, though. We can always be persuaded on this point.

The Instagram configuration page can be found on the “Instagram” tab under “My Channels” in the Social Media section of your account.

Here is a cool screenshot:

Just like the other two supported channels, Facebook and Foursquare, you can quickly see your best customers, see all the posts from your location, see how popular the pictures are and in a few days you will be able to respond to & like the pictures as well as follow users right from the dashboard without going to Instagram.

You can drill down to see customers, segment them with our Social CRM tools, and soon you’ll be able to see their Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare identities all linked together.

The net net is that with our recent integration of LBS platforms you’ll have better visibility into how your customers are using these tools and be able to better connect with customers that actually visit your winery!  

These features are only available in VinTank Lite and above so Upgrade Now to get these premium services.

UPDATE: We have continued to make enhancements to our Instagram integration, read more here.

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