August 8, 2012

Letting Our Customers Speak for Us

Instead of talking about our all our new upgrades and what we think of our software we’ve asked a few clients who use our upgraded version to share their thoughts with you.  We are so thankful for their kind words and we commit to keep improving our platform to continue to make their jobs easier in social media and more.

“Vintank has been a true partner in helping us develop, refine and leverage their premium services, both as part of our campaign management and as a tool for understanding the health and perception of our brands in the social sphere.”

J.???Josh Camire – Director of Digital Communications – Jackson Family Wines

“This tool allows me to log into multiple client accounts all in one portal, and only look at wine related conversations.  It saves me time, so the clients’ money, while providing the most targeted and relevant results to focus on.”

Susan Dematei – Vinalytics

“Each day for me starts with a strong espresso and Social Connect. It has become the backbone of our marketing work-flow. Social Connect is the ultimate filter to help you find your customers hidden in the cacophony that the Internet has become.”

Craig Camp – Cornerstone Vineyards

“Vintank is my one stop shop for all of our social media monitoring and has helped take our customer service/engagement to the next level.  There are a lot of social monitoring services available, but when it comes to wine business I feel Vintank truly gets it.  Their laser focus on technology for the wine industry is what’s going to help keep those that embrace it ahead of the curve!”

Dylan Elliot – Crimson Wine Group

“Vintank’s Social Connect platform makes the ongoing and important task of measuring clients’ social media reach finally doable. More importantly, it provides social media intelligence on which one can act immediately.”

Tom Wark – Wark Communications

“My two favorite features are the Channels and the Winery Social Index. With Channels I can instantly see who is interacting with my Facebook, Instagram, etc. and see who my top fans are. With the Winery Social Index I can see at a glance how my brand is doing compared to other brands, and I can also go visit the social media resources of the top brands and learn from what they are doing.”

Jeff Stai – Twisted Oak

“VinTank’s suite of social listening software has been of tremendous value to me in monitoring and managing the Social Media programs at St. Francis. The daily email reports allow me to keep on top of what’s being said about our brand online, and then quickly respond directly to the consumer, often inviting a longer conversation. We all know that social media is all about engagement, and these tools really make interacting with my customers efficient and fun. Manual keyword searches that previously took hours… VinTank completes and compiles all of this activity for me now and delivers it to my inbox nightly, so I can read and respond in a matter of just minutes each morning. VinTank’s Social Media Index is great too (and somewhat addicting) helping me to better understand and gauge how my social efforts are “paying off.” I also use the Index to research what other top brands are doing and what types of content they’re creating to drive high levels of engagement and growth.”

Dave Buerger – Marketing & Social Media Manager – St. Francis Winery & Vineyard

“As a two-person operation we are extremely limited on how much time we can spend interacting with our social customers. Having a dashboard that looks specifically at our social interactions within the wine social graph shrinks the time we have to invest in this crucial activity. Sure we can look at the various channels as a part of our routine but when your routine is interrupted more often than not, things will fall through the cracks if you aren’t given a timely push notification of activity.”

Alan Baker – Owner – Cartograph Wines

“We love the Vin Tank social media dashboards! It is so easy to monitor everyone who is talking about us and respond directly to them. We can’t wait to see what the team comes up with next!”

Belinda Weber – Director, Digital Trade & Consumer Marketing – Duckhorn Vineyards

“LOVE the new upgrade VinTank, the more useful summary of activity is VERY helpful! Keep up the great work, you guys ROCK!”

Elisa Brennan – Marketing Associate – J Vineyard & Winery

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