August 3, 2012

Public Service Announcements

Ok, I’ve been a bit remiss on our blog lately for four reasons:

  1. Super busy working on our software.
  2. Lots of travel and speaking events.
  3. Writing like a fiend to get this damn white paper done which continues to grow in scope.  I am locking myself in a room next week in order to finish the writing portion and I have decided on the collaborator for the graphics part.
  4. A bit of frustration whether wineries actually really read content to help them do better.  I say this due to the amount of times I go meet clients and they tell me they didn’t know we added x, y, z and I think of all the blogs, weekly emails, Tweets, FB posts, G+ posts, smoke signals, and carrier pigeon messages that we send.  Or they ask questions that are answered by the curated articles we send every Friday (a lot of work on our part).  Now I know that we all have busy schedules but our email open rate for all our communications is far less than we’d expect.
So what is this blog about?  Just some PSA’s.

About VinTank Daily Emails –
We only send an email to wineries for two reasons:
  1. You’ve received at least one mention of your brand/campaign a day on any social media channel we monitor.
  2. Your winery has moved up or down in ranking on our Winery Social Media Index.
About the Winery Social Media Index –

People keep asking us more detail.  Unfortunately we are not going to publish the algorithm (at least not until Google publishes theirs).  That being said here are key tips:

  1. It is measured on 70% engagement, 30% healthy fan growth.
  2. To get a quick barometer of your engagement divide the talking about number on your Facebook page by your total fans.   Currently a healthy percentage is 5% – 15%.
  3. ALL OF THE STATS to benchmark yourself against are on the right hand corner in the Data Set Statistics (example to the left).  It refreshes every night at midnight and anything that says “growth” is measured over two weeks and the rest are a snapshot from the midnight refresh.
VinTank has moved offices.
Yes, the new location is going to be announced soon but we are no longer on Main St.

About Social Media – 

Sometimes I think our message is going through but lately I feel like it’s not.  So instead of telling I am leaving the rest of this blog for you to ask us what you’d like to learn.  What do you want to know about social media or social CRM?  Ask below and I’ll take the time to answer.  Really looking forward to some good questions.

For Your Continued Enjoyment...

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