August 15, 2012

Schedule and Publish Posts via Buffer from within your VinTank account

Perhaps the greatest advantage that VinTank provides our clients is our vertical focus on the wine industry. Not only does this allow us to tune and optimize our social listening features specifically for wine, it also drives how we prioritize and integrate new features to best match the needs of our clients.

BufferRecently we integrated some great new channels in VinTank such as Foursquare and Instagram, quickly followed up with another wave of enhancements. Today we’re pleased to announce the integration of another excellent service, Buffer, which addresses your requests to be able to publish and schedule posts from within your account.

Buffer provides the flexibility and convenience that social media specialists and owner-operator’s who “do it all” need to gain the upper hand on managing their social media presence. You set your own schedule in Buffer for when posts on each of your social media profiles/channels should be published. And if you don’t want to schedule (or “buffer”) a post, you can publish on demand as well.

To get started, make sure you’ve already upgraded your VinTank account. The Buffer integration is only supported for the VinTank Lite tier and above ($35/month/brand if paid annually or $45/month/brand if paid monthly).

Next, if you don’t already have a Buffer account, sign up and connect all of your social media accounts. Buffer offers a free account with limited functionality and a paid tier for power users and teams. Your VinTank account will work with both free and paid Buffer accounts.

The last setup step is to authorize VinTank to access and post to your Buffer account. You only need to perform this step once. From any page in your VinTank account, click on the “Publish” link located on the right side of the navigation bar. See the red box in the screenshot below.

Authorize your Buffer account

The first time you click “Publish”, you will be asked to authorize your Buffer account. Once authorized, clicking “Publish” will display the publish panel. Since the “Publish” link is always available, you can publish from any page in your account. Just check the profiles you want to publish to, enter your post, and click “Post Now” or “Add to Buffer”.

Publish on demand or schedule posts from any page

If you embed a link in your post, we will automatically expand the link so it can be attached to your post (just like Facebook does for wall posts).

Embedded links are automatically expanded

Finally, we’d like to offer a suggestion for how you can use the analytics inside your VinTank account to setup your publishing schedules in Buffer. On the “Social > Brands” page in your VinTank account, you will notice several bar charts that show “Publish Times” for social media matches for your brand.

Use publish times to optimize your Buffer schedules

These charts illustrate when your fans engage with you most (and least) often. Configuring your publishing schedule in your Buffer account to match the days and times from these charts will maximize the engagement from your posts.

We hope this feature will help you better manage your social media tasks. We also welcome your suggestions and feedback on this feature and others you’d like to see.

  • Anonymous

    Hey James. Really awesome post on your new integration, amazing stuff and thanks for giving such a great overview. If I can help with any questions on Buffer at all, just let me know, happy to help! 🙂 – Alyssa.

    • Thanks, Alyssa! The Buffer API was super easy to integrate and we’re really excited to bring Buffer to our user base. The only thing we couldn’t figure out was how to add an image as an attachment to a post. Maybe it’s something still in development?

      • Anonymous

        Hi James. Tom, our Chief Hacker, has just sent through an email with some extra info on the API. Hopefully we can get the last piece of the sharing jigsaw in place!

        • The email from Tom was exactly what we needed. Support for photos were added to our implementation within a few hours. Thanks for the awesome API.

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