August 11, 2012

Raising our game . . . again. More Foursquare, more Instagram, more, more, more.

Sometimes you hit a stride and we are hitting a whole new velocity for improving VinTank for our paying customers.  Besides the features I’ll describe below, within the next few weeks we will have finalized a new group of features to make VinTank your true “Mission Control” for Social Media. This includes publishing to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin right from within our software.  I am so excited writing this post and there is SOOO much here, I can hardly contain myself.


First, we jumped on the opportunity to enhance our platform to help you manage your venues on Foursquare. As fast as they release new awesome features, we are bringing them into our software to help you manage them from one application (I recommend that you click the link). Check out this video first:

Now that is cool functionality and you can do it all from the VinTank dashboard. Just go into “My Channels” and click on the Foursquare channel (please make sure you have claimed your venue in Foursquare first and then activated the Foursquare features in your VinTank account). To use this new feature click on “Post Update.”

And then the magic happens:

Now you can talk to your loyal Foursquare customers and customers who are nearby your venue (your update will be visible throughout Foursquare–it’s mobile app, website, Explore results, and so on). This is a great way to tell your customers what’s happening at the winery, if you have a special bottle of wine open, a new release, an event, or just happenings at the winery.  Connecting digitally with your community through Foursquare. AWESOMENESS.


We’ve also doubled down on Instagram. Last week we added the ability to see pictures taken at your winery in near realtime.  After you have linked up your Foursquare account, we automatically monitor Instagram pictures taken at your location. Now we have added the ability for you to comment and like these pictures and manage your relationships with your Instagram fans right from inside our tool.

Generally we don’t recommend connecting your personal Instagram account to VinTank. If you have an Instagram account for your brand, connect that one instead. Also, you are not required to have an Instagram account to monitor activity at your locations. However, you must connect an account to comment/like photos and follow users. Just choose from your Instagram profile your “Brand Account” vs. “Location.”


For a while now we’ve allowed you to add “tags” to social mentions and social interactions in your account. A tag is just a word or short phrase that you can use to categorize a mention/interaction somehow. Tags also make it easier for you to find conversations that you have tagged. Why should you tag? It makes it easier to group your conversations by topics that are relevant to you. It could be reviews, customer service, events, press, a particular wine, winemaker, etc, etc. It is only limited by your imagination but imagine being asked “how many people are talking about our 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon on social media?” If you tag conversations, you’d be able to access that information quickly.

So what’s new with tags? We’ve heard from many of you that it’s hard to keep track of tags that you’ve used in the past. This is important when tagging conversations consistently over time and when creating reports based on tags. To solve this need, you will now see existing tags and their use count in several places in your account.

On your Social > Overview page, you will see a list of your tags displayed with each brand and campaign. See red boxed area in the screenshot below.

The tags are ordered by the most used to least used. Along with each tag you will see a number in parentheses that indicates the number of conversations the tag has been associated with. You can also click on a tag to quickly view all conversations with that tag.

On your Brands and social campaign dashboard/list views, you will see your tags listed in the right sidebar as shown below. Again, click on a tag to view conversations for that tag.

When adding tags to a mention, a dropdown will show you all tags you’ve used for that campaign. As you enter characters, the list will be filtered to show you tags starting with the characters you’ve typed. There will be two numbers in parentheses next to each tag in the dropdown. The first number is the number of times the tag has been used for the current campaign and the second number is the number of times the tag has been used in all campaigns for the winery. To select an existing tag, just select it from the dropdown and press ENTER. To create a new tag, just type it in and press ENTER. See example below:

Lastly, when generating the “Campaign Matches” report, the tags for the selected campaign will be displayed. When you click on a tag, it will be added to the “Matches with tags” field to make it easy to search for one or more existing tags. See screenshot below.

What do you think of the new upgrades?  What would you like to see us add?

One more public service announcement for people using our Free VinTank version

We will be making some key changes to the free version for wineries and especially for Importers and PR/Consulting companies using our free service. Some of these changes include:

  1. We will no longer be supporting tagging for free accounts.
  2. We will only be supporting mentions about your brand. This means you will no longer be able create custom social campaigns. If you upgrade to VinTank Lite, you can create up to five more campaigns for each winery connected to your account.
  3. We will no longer be displaying the quantity of wine tweets/posts on the customer detail view.
  4. We will limit attaching one winery to accounts for non-wine companies in the Free version. This is particularly relevant for importers, PR companies and consulting companies using our service.
  5. Reporting is only available in the paying version.
  6. We are limiting your conversation matches to 150.
  7. Wineries that do not sign-in to VinTank at least once a month will be deactivated.

All of these changes will be finalized by September 1st, 2012.

So what is in the free version? Features that correlate to our philosophy for ALL wineries. The ability to listen and respond to conversations about your brand on social media for free from one dashboard. Here are the free features:

  1. You are able to drill down and get more context on every customer talking about your brand.
  2. You are able to see your top 6 customers and the six newest customers talking about your brand in the “Customers” section.
  3. You are able to put your winery and wine details into our platform and have it syndicated to 300+ partners that have an aggregate audience of 9 million wine consumers.
  4. Every dashboard is a printable report.

So why should you upgrade to VinTank Lite for $45/month ($35/month if you pay annually for a savings of $120/year – essentially 3 months for free)?

  1. The ability to see all of your social customers.
  2. The ability to categorize your social customers into customer segments (wine club, blogger, press, trade, etc).
  3. The ability to make notes about social customers.
  4. The ability to see how much someone talks about wine.
  5. You can create tags on conversations and report on them.
  6. Detailed brand/campaign reports as well as campaign comparison reports.
  7. The ability to manage your Facebook Fanpage and measure your Facebook Fans.
  8. The ability to categorize your Facebook Fans and make notes about them.
  9. The ability to manage your Foursquare account.
  10. The ability to categorize your Foursquare Fans and make notes about them.
  11. The ability to see pictures from Instagram taken at your winery and reply or “like” them.
  12. The ability to manage your winery Instagram account from within our dashboard.
  13. The ability to categorize your Instagram fans.
  14. Preferential customer support and personal training for wineries that pay annually.
  15. And much, much more.

Upgrade for all the best VinTank has to offer.  We have a lot more coming!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I’m inside our account and can’t easily figure out how to link in our Foursquare place or our company instragram page. Can you guys post a tutorial on that?

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