September 27, 2012

VinTank is Going Green

Although organic, biodynamic, and sustainable practices have been a part of the farming and production side of the wine industry for decades, only recently has their use become effective tools in sales and marketing. There are many reasons for this including tapping into the heightened consumer concern of the environment, the increase in competitive pressure among wineries, the push-back against homogenous wines, helping consumers in their search for more “natural” wines, and so on.

At VinTank, we want to help.

We have been responsibly distributing digital bits about wineries and wines since 2009. Of course, I’m referring to our wine data syndication network. If you’re not familiar with the data services provided by VinTank, we built a system from the ground-up with the sole purpose of solving what we feel is the single biggest hurdle to digital innovation in the wine industry: efficient access to complete and accurate information about wineries and their wines.

Now wineries can declare their organic, biodynamic, and sustainable practices within their VinTank account. We have even integrated several certifications for wineries to choose from including Sustainability in Practice (SIP).

The screenshot below shows how simple it is to set a wine’s sustainability settings in VinTank. Note that there are sustainability settings at the brand level too.

For wineries looking to leverage their hard work, commitment, and investment in sustainable processes, these enhancements represent an easy way to get their message out through hundreds of digital channels reaching millions of wine consumers. You see, these attributes are included with the winery and wine data in our network. That means data partners who consume data from VinTank and assimilate it into their sites and applications can now display it to their users. Think of it as your digital packaging.

These sustainability settings provide several other benefits including being displayed in the Wine Directory and the new winery/wine widgets as well as provided to wine competition organizers when wineries enter competitions via VinTank.

As an example, consider the live wine widget below for the 2010 Robert Hall Viognier which is a SIP Certified wine. The “Details” tab is where the sustainability and certifications are displayed.

Imagine the content and level of detail you see in the widget above being displayed in every digital outlet where this wine is included. That is the promise of the wine data network.

If you provide certification services to the wine industry and you’d like to be included in VinTank, please contact us.

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  • A good idea, but do you know that WineMatch has been doing it for years?

    • No, Ed, didn’t know about WineMatch. Congratulations.

      If you would like to integrate with VinTank and pull winery and wine details from our API, let us know. It’s free to data partners.

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