May 6, 2013

Social Media Resources with a VinTank Twist

With the increasing pace of technological and social change taking place in our lives, we at VinTank strive to provide our users with the best tools to stay ahead of the curve. To maintain that goal, we come across many great articles and resources that we use to keep our bearing. Every week we will share the best from both inside and outside of our industry. We would love to hear your thoughts or questions as to how we can help put these ideas to work for you.


Instagram gets personal with User Tags  

New Instagram features were released this week allowing users to tag friends and display photos of themselves on their Instagram profiles.

While there are many well developed communities and active users on the platform already without user tagging, the ability to see a group of photos with common topics had previously been limited to locations (thanks to Foursquare’s API) or hashtags.

In this update, when someone tags a photo of a friend (or brand), users receive a notification and the photos are displayed in the new “Photos of You” section on their mobile profiles, allowing a user to easily curate and display photos tagged. “Photos of You” opens up new real estate to recognize and feature content on profiles from their brand advocates, fans, and other featured users. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

With the ubiquity of smartphones and the rise of apps like Instagram, your customers are increasingly sharing their photos and experiences online. With VinTank Lite, you can monitor these photos by the user tags and also importantly by location even if the user forgets to tag your winery in the photo. With the addition of photo tags its more important than ever that brands are on Instagram so that users can select you when looking to tag a photo.


Creating a Twitter #Hashtag: 7 Steps

The hashtag began as a humble idea: the tweeter adds the # symbol (known as the hash key on your telephone) in front of one word or a word group, no spaces. Doing so allows Twitter to categorize the tweet and group it with others who have tweeted using the same hashtag. Think of the hashtag as a keyword tag and it is easier to understand. People searching based on a specific hashtag receive a list of tweets using that particular tag. The searcher is happy, and so are you, because, in one fell swoop, you have:

  • Become visible to a new audience
  • Joined the conversation
  • Voiced your opinion
  • Found a likeminded audience eager to read what you have to say

Easy, right?

But we’re not done. When the right hashtag is added to your tweets, your “retweet” rates rise (other people reposting your original tweets). This opens up your comment to new views and opinions, not to mention new followers, and so the cycle of growth and visibility continues. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

The #hashtag has become a very important tool for visibility, conversation, measurement and categorizing. We encourage you to use our platform to monitor campaigns using hashtags. Have an event coming up? If there is a designated hashtag, you can use it to generate buzz about your brand while using our platform to monitor the results. Also you can create a special campaign for a hashtag to see when it is being used and by whom so you can capitalize on the timing and placement.


The Influence Hierarchy

Influence is like the Simpsons. Meaning, whether you love it or hate it, influencer marketing is the social media topic that will never die. Why? Because it is a mythical, wonderful, tool that many of us view as a magical shortcut to dollars and cents. Influence marketing is cool. It is fun. It is sexy.

The idea of tapping into this flowing river of fans that bloggers and youtubers and Twitter users have, just sitting there, ready to act, ready to buy, sounds amazing. And there are some real opportunities there. But at the end of the day influencer marketing runs smack into the wall we call reality or marketing fundamentals. Like a lot of social media marketing, influencer marketing comes down to relationships. Relationships are a value exchange. And value, like all marketing, comes down to a cost of time or money. Usually both. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

The article above does a great job of presenting the “influence sweet spot”, a cross section of audience and relevance. We are most influenced often by those closest to us and at the same time reached more often by those we follow like celebrities and publishers. Every brand will have a different sweet spot and our tools were intended to help you find it. Both the current and future versions of our platform focus heavily on segmenting for this very purpose. You should have a segment for press, for bloggers, and for your top customers. The in-depth customer data starting at the Lite tier shows your top customers and new customers to give you the tools you need to find that sweet spot of influence.


The Imminent Shift from Social to Digital Engagement

How do you define engagement? No matter how you define it, engagement is something that we most likely underestimate. Engagement symbolizes the touches that occur in various moments of truth and this should completely change not only how you engage someone in each moment but also how the inside of your company works with one another to make it frictionless and experiential.

Whether a customer stands on the stage of awareness, consideration, purchase, or post purchase, touch points open and close. And, it is in those moments that engagement, regardless of source or shape, affects the next steps and impressions of customers.

These moments of truth however are not limited to any one channel. Whether customers are navigating social, mobile, web or IRL (in real life), they approach each stage of the journey with different needs Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

Think about the customer journey for your brand. At each stage there is an opportunity for you to influence and have a positive impact on the experience. Looking at the Customer Journey Influence Loop in the article above, keep in mind the opportunity to influence the experience, gain loyalty and create brand advocates. The loop is a great visual of how doing so feeds back into the start and in many cases is self-sustaining. Our SCRM tools and social profiles of your customers will give you insight into who your customers are and in what part of the journey they are.


Thanks for reading our weekly insight post. Watch this space every Friday for more Social Media Resources with a VinTank Twist. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you put these resources to use please contact us.

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