June 20, 2013

Today We Re-release Our Facebook App for Wineries

Today we are re-releasing our VinTank for Wineries Facebook Application after previously using a third-party app from Social Candy. We made this choice because we want to ensure you will receive the best support when you use the VinTank platform.


Our application allows you to publish your wine details already in VinTank to a “Wines” tab right on your Facebook fan page. The application will even display “Buy Now” buttons next to your wines if you provide links to your e-commerce site. Turn your fans into customers! Just keep your wine data up-to-date in VinTank and your Facebook page will automatically reflect those changes.

If you have previously used our app or Social Candy’s, the app transition from Social Candy back to VinTank is complete (meaning your wines are still being displayed). Unfortunately, any settings you may have changed while under Social Candy were not transitioned. The VinTank version of the app is using default settings which may not match what you had under Social Candy. Therefore, you will need to go through the app connection process before you will be able to adjust the settings from within your VinTank account.

To connect the app and your wines to your Facebook page first check to see if it is added to your VinTank account by following these steps:

1. Sign-in to VinTank
2. If you have multiple wineries connected to your account, select the appropriate winery from the “Powering” drop down at the top of the page
3. Click Account
4. Click Applications
5. Check to see if the “Facebook for Wineries” app is already under “Your Applications”. If it is, click the “Settings” button to verify and change the display settings as appropriate. Otherwise skip to the section “To Reconnect the App”. If you have never used the app, continue with the next section.

To Use the App for the First Time:

1. Still signed-in to your VinTank Account, click “Account”
2. Click Applications
3. Locate the “VinTank for Wineries Facebook Application” and click the “Add” button on right
4. You will be taken to a Facebook Authorization page where you will asked which Facebook page you would like to connect the app to. Select the appropriate page and click Add “VinTank for Wineries”

To Reconnect the App:

1. Sign-in to Facebook via your browser
2.  Navigate to your Facebook Page
3. At the top click the “Edit Page” drop-down menu, then “Edit Settings”
4. Next, in the left navigation click “Apps” and locate our “VinTank for Wineries” app
5. Click the “Go to App” link which will take you to a page where you can re-connect your Facebook page and VinTank account. Click the Connect button which will take you back to VinTank.


After the steps above, the app will be connected and your Facebook page will have a tab labeled “Wines”. This list will stay up to date with the wine information you have entered in VinTank. You can drag-n-drop the tab to a different position and even change the label and image for the tab. From VinTank you can manage settings such as; to show wines for specific brands/all brands, show current releases only, sold out wines, winery “about” notes at top of page, option to allow users to like/comment, and option to show a share button.

If you are an association, you can use our VinTank for Associations/Groups Facebook Application which lists winery details for all wineries connected to your account.

If you have any problems with the application installation or settings, please contact us.

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