October 4, 2013

VinTank Weekly: Content is King, Distribution is Queen + Direct vs. Brand Marketing

With the increasing pace of technological and social change taking place in our lives, we at VinTank strive to provide our users with the best tools to stay ahead of the curve. To maintain that goal, we come across many great articles and resources that we use to keep our bearing. Every week we will share the best from both inside and outside of our industry. We would love to hear your thoughts or questions as to how we can help put these ideas to work for you.

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Content Is King, Distribution Is Queen, And She Wears The Pants

In the past couple of years, marketers have awakened to the incredible power of content creation. But equally important — and much more complex — are the ways that you share that content. “Content is king, distribution is queen, and she wears the pants,” said Jonathan Perelman, VP of Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed, during his talk at Behance’s 99U Pop-Up School event on September 20th. As the Internet has evolved, so has the ways that people discover content. Content used to be discovered on forums, then through email, highly-trafficked blogs, and search, leading to the SEO craze, explained Perelman. Now, it’s primarily discovered through social media. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

The power of good content is evident in the way that we consume and share information and stories with each other everyday. Content creation is more important than ever but what also must be considered is how this great content is then distributed and shared. As the article points out, the channels used to discover content have shifted away from forums, email and search engines and into social platforms. “Brands need to learn how to tell stories in ways that take advantage of each.”


Social Media and Communications at Savour Australia [VIDEO]

Moderated by Angie Bradbury, Chair of the Wine Communicators of Australia, a panel selected by Wine Australia focused on the role that social media and traditional communication plays in the development of wine as a beverage of choice and the Australian category in particular. The session considered how social media can be used to engage different audiences, whether they are supply chain participants, trade, customers or consumers, and how to engage successfully with various audiences. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

Technology gives you the access, information, and channels to engage and deepen your relationships with customers, potential consumers, trade partners and more. You now have the opportunity to develop long term relationships with consumers. Know more about your customers than ever and use the information to provide personalized service, in the most efficient way possible.


Understanding The Direct vs. Brand Marketing Conflict

The direct-response marketer is a hard nut to crack. He believes strongly that there is one way to communicate with an audience: Make an offer. Certainly, he will concede that you have to have customer service, but this is a gnat-like cost of doing business. It’s not real marketing communications to the direct-response marketer because it doesn’t bring with it the important metrics of response rate and conversion rate. If it has those, then it’s real.

When a brand marketer – someone who understands and believes in branding, public relations, social media and other forms of marketing communications – enters the picture with a direct-response marketer, there is conflict. She can produce a response rate and a conversion rate, but because her goals and objectives are often very different than producing direct response sales, they never compare positively. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

This article does a great job of comparing and contrasting the difference between Direct Response and Brand Marketing. It is very important to understand how your social media efforts support direct activities. Also some key points as to why the same ROI analysis will not work on both. Measurement is still very important and that is why interaction scoring and history should be recorded and analyzed.


Wine leaders enthusiastic about industry future

Despite long-term concerns about climate change and regulatory pressures, California wine industry leaders are once again quite bullish about the wine business, according to two new surveys conducted by the University of California, Davis.Findings from the surveys of wine executives and industry professionals will be presented at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24, during the Wine Industry Financial Symposium at the Napa Valley Marriott in Napa, Calif.

“The wine industry, by and large, has weathered the worst of the economic downturn of this decade,” said Robert Smiley, professor and dean emeritus of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.”The CEOs and professionals who participated in these surveys expressed a growing confidence in the future of traditional brands and optimism for the expanding global market,” he said. “And, to varying degrees, they are interested in exploring new products to meet the demands of the millennial generation and increasing their use of social media in their marketing strategies.” Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

We are witnessing both large global brands and a smaller operations finding great success from increasing their online presence with social media and digital marketing. It is a very competitive environment and social media is a great tool for telling your story, providing service, and deepening relationships to expand lifetime value.


Thanks for reading our weekly insight post. Watch this space every week for more Social Media Resources with a VinTank Twist. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you put these resources to use please contact us.

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