October 25, 2013

VinTank Weekly: How Social Data Changes Everything and Amex Customer Service

With the increasing pace of technological and social change taking place in our lives, we at VinTank strive to provide our users with the best tools to stay ahead of the curve. To maintain that goal, we come across many great articles and resources that we use to keep our bearing. Every week we will share the best from both inside and outside of our industry. We would love to hear your thoughts or questions as to how we can help put these ideas to work for you.


How Social Data Changes Everything We Know About Marketing Strategies

The emergence of social media and the steady decline of mass media are the two biggest marketing stories of the decade. Both print circulation and TV viewership have been falling consistently since the turn of the century; TV viewership, for instance, is down almost 50% since 2002. In contrast, social media has reported massive gains since the early days of MySpace, with social media usage among U.S. adults increasing by 800% over the past eight years.

For marketers, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The rapid transition from mass to social media presents the opportunity to create impactful, relevant marketing messages. This data-powered personalized marketing approach is not only much more effective, but also more cost-efficient and scalable. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

The customers that belong in your CRM are more visible than they’ve ever been and the future is here now. Because of their social nature, the wine and restaurant industries in particular have a historic opportunity to do business in new ways and businesses do not need to start with an empty box. The people talking to you, about you, with you at your locations or nearby are valuable prospects each with their own available context.


Customer Service Lessons from my Am-Ex Card

Over the past two months, I’ve traveled over 100,000 miles, and hit six countries, as well as countless cities across America. Everything I’ve bought, spent, reserved, flown, eaten, slept in, or driven has been paid for with my American Express card. Simply put, I can’t do anything without my Amex card. With it, however, I can do everything. This isn’t a suck-up post about Amex in the least, so keep reading. More than that, this is a post about what they do right, and why they keep me as a satisfied customer year in and year out. And if you’re smart, you can steal EVERYTHING in this post and apply it to your business, today. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

Social Data is radically changing how businesses understand customers. Social platforms and channels now play a large role in communications, customer retention and influencing. These customer touches are all the more important for the wine and restaurant industries as the consumer choice is immense. Use the data available on each customer to give them the best service and experience possible. It’s a win-win.


The Social Wine Revolution

The world’s first ‘social wine’ is born. Wine importer Enotria teamed up with UK supermarket giant Tesco, showed successful product development through customer engagement on social media – and the results go to a good cause (Enotria launches ethical social media wine).

In June Tesco invited wine bloggers and its followers to select wines made from grapes grown by the Enaleni community in South Africa at a tasting event (Tesco asks followers to help it create social wine). Customers were asked to submit ideas on the name and label design using the We Are Social app on Tesco’s Facebook page, and the winning design wins a trip to visit the region. All profits from wine sales go back to the community. Andy Rawlinson, off-trade business manager for Enotria commented “…with the ethical side of the project at its core, the idea was also to engage ordinary consumers with wine.” Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

Telling your story and giving insight into your process can allow your wine customers to connect with your product and humanize the process behind what makes your wines unique. Share your story and encourage your customers become part of it. This article describes what may be the first production of a “social wine” but it is certainly not the first or last to use social media to be influenced by or influential with customers.


VinTank and Delectable: Imagine a World……

Imagine a world where you could take a picture of a wine bottle using an App on your smart phone and instantly find out everything you need to know about that wine. Now imagine buying that wine right from the App after reading up on wine notes, ratings, etc. Now let’s get really crazy here and imagine a winery that could have a daily list of new customers that purchased through an App and could then thank them for the purchase and invite them to join a tasting, special event or wine club. IMAGINE NO MORE! Thanks to the recent announcement of VinTank and Delectable Wine App integration, customers have the power to find and buy wine anytime and wineries have the power to connect with their customers in a very different way. Read more…

VinTank’s Twist

We are very proud and excited to have partnered with Delectable to bring the wine captures of customers to the VinTank accounts of everyone on our newest version. See your new and top delectable customers and view any of their other social conversations with your brand. Respond to questions or comments right from VinTank and deepen your relationship with each customer.


Thanks for reading our weekly insight post. Watch this space every week for more Social Media Resources with a VinTank Twist. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you put these resources to use please contact us.


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