December 10, 2013

It’s Delectable to connect with people drinking your wine . . .

For years we’ve studied wine apps creating report after report after report.  We declared apps that we think are great, we’ve bemoaned the decline of wine apps, and we’ve celebrated features that make wine apps meaningful.  But no wine app filled the void of answering one primary question – to connect consumers with wineries – until Delectable.  Meeting Alex Fishman and Julia Weinberg at Sullivan Vineyards convinced us immediately of one thing, they understood the needs of a consumer: to record their wine experiences and share them with others, buy the wines they liked, and connect directly with the wineries through their app.  For five years we have been asking this of the best wine apps in the business (and also candidly, our friends) but no one stepped up to the plate to build the connection . . . until Delectable.

So Delectable is the ultimate wine app for consumers and wineries.  Why?

  • It serves the core needs of a wine lover, to remember what they liked or didn’t like via pictures, to share that experience with their friends and wine lovers worldwide, and purchase a wine straight from the app.
  • Key to setting Delectable apart from the pack of other wine apps, their community includes the industry’s top luminaries and tastemakers. In connecting consumers and professionals in one space they are recreating the best possible way to learn about wine: from each other.

But now with the integration, it becomes even more meaningful because wineries can create true relationships with wine lovers directly through VinTank into the app.  This means connecting with the trade, the press, and QUALIFIED wine consumers who care enough about the product to record and share their experiences.  In other words, a way for you to be at the largest wine tasting party in the world and still communicate 1:1 with everyone that tastes your wine and TRULY know what they think.  Am I f#@&king you?  No.  Candidly Delectable has become the most valuable social media app for wineries because of this.  EVERY winery should be on Delectable.  They have essentially created the largest tasting in the world and given you a table at the event to discover what people (all types) really think of your wine and the opportunity for you to reach out and create a relationship with that person that actually drank your wine.  All for FREE.

When I say qualified wine lover let me break it down:

  • They have taken the time and energy to download a wine app that journals their wine experiences.  That automatically qualifies them in the upper quadrant of wine consumers.
  • They own a smartphone, are probably digital natives, are socially active, and most likely have a higher than average annual income.
  • They take the time to actually record the wines that they taste and often record their opinion.

So back to VinTank plus Delectable.  Both tech teams worked hard and long to ensure they created the most effective and efficient bridge between wineries and wine aficionados through a mobile experience (which is where people actually record their wine experiences).  Instead of me talking about it, I’ll let wineries using the integration speak for us and provide some screenshots of Delectable and the integration.

From winery customers:

“Could there be a better way to know what our guest experiences with our wine are like? I don’t think so. Real time feedback better than any “focus group” could produce. Delectable changes the relationship with our guests and allows us to be part of the conversation as our wines are being enjoyed.”
-David Barringer  (Naked Wines LLC)

“Delectable has created one of the simplest platforms for consumer wine cataloging, yet it provides invaluable insight for wine producers. The ability to track the popularity and ratings of your wines by varietal, vintage and appellation within VinTank puts the industry as a whole, one step closer to better understanding the wine consumer.”
-Ashley Pengilly  (Foley Family Wines)

“Delectable is a great new platform, because unlike Twitter or Facebook, Delectable users in most cases will have actually drank the wine they are capturing, so the customer feedback is important and direct.”
-William Tigertt  (Gothic Wine)

“For me the integration of Delectable has been a revelation. While I was active on Delectable personally I had essentially been missing 100% of the posts on my wines as I was not following all of my customers. Then one day I opened Social Connect and there they all were. Not only that I could immediately interact with them, I’ve already made several direct relationships that have gone over to direct email exchanges. This is an extremely important tool.”
-Craig Camp  (Cornerstone Cellars)

And in pictures.  Would you want to be a winery and miss these relationship building opportunities:

Awesome press from Alder Yarrow


A key wine consumer


Other Winemakers (Ross Cobb)

Key Trade (Shelly Lindgren)


These are just a few quick examples of the amazing potential included in Delectable.  And through the VinTank partnership you can see these in your dashboard next to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Vin65 and soon much more.

So how should a brand engage when getting onto Delectable?

  • Don’t be pushy or “salesy.”
  • Truly have a conversation with people who enjoy your wine.
  • Remember we are wine people too so take pictures of wine you like and make sure it is not only your brand that you are tasting.  This also helps express your personality, your authority, and your personal wine preferences.
  • Say “thank you” (in as many different variations as it takes: e.g. how did you like it, thanks for including it in your special dinner, I agree it has hints of boysenberry, what was wrong with it, next time you are in our area please stop by for a reserve tasting).

Here are some instructions how to get set up and some other best practices directly from Delectable:



Community Growth

Download and sign up for Delectable

Delectable is a true wine social media platform that exists in the pockets of wine lovers and it is Delectable to connect with people drinking your wine.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is like Instagram for wine, on steroids.I can see how this would be a very powerful way to build consumer relations. It’s simple, and free too. Thanks for sharing.

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  • DTC pro

    but I thought vivino was the wine app to rule them all?–-one-app-to-rule-them-all/

    • If you read about the functionality, it is the same as Delectable but lacks the aggregation of key influencers, the buying ability, and the ability for wineries to connect to customers. Also, Delectable came out soon after Vivino and we did not have the chance to write about them because we abandoned writing our industry Pulse reports since so few meaningful wine technologies hit the market annually.

    • Anonymous

      It should go without saying that when you’re the best at something at one point in time that it does not guarantee that you will always be the best. This is especially the case in the ultra-competitive mobile app space.

  • TimHeightner

    Delectable and Winery Passport are my two favorite wine apps. Interesting behind-the-scenes insight. Thanks for sharing!

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