December 11, 2013

Walking with Cornerstone – How to engage with customers near your location for success.

Starting this week we are doing a Wednesday series of successes and challenges of social media with our neighbor and key partner Cornerstone Cellars.  It’s one thing to talk about how to do social media but it is another thing to illustrate it through actual stories so every Monday we meet with the Cornerstone team and talk about how social media is working for them and then plan to share the stories with you.  One of the things we love about Cornerstone is that they are the epitome of a small winery truly embracing social media throughout the organization and embracing Michael Brito’s philosophies of a social business.  Because social media is applicable to all components of the business (customer service, PR, sales, business development, marketing, business intelligence, and more) Craig Camp has asked all of his team to use social media as a communication tool just like they use the phone, email, etc.  He also has divided the responsibilities of the functions of social media (one person doing customer service, one person creating content while at events, etc, etc).

A few key facts about Cornerstone:

  • They produce only about 10K cases.
  • They only have 7 full time employees.
  • They do NOT have a full time social media person.
  • Their key staff that manage social media are their CEO, their tasting room manager, their wine club manager, and their regional sales manager.

This week’s success comes from their tasting room manager, Katrina Kay.

As most people know, Cornerstone uses “geo-fencing” strongly which essentially means they listen to conversations on social media from people around them.  While geo-fencing is one of our premium features, you can listen to individual locations and topics of interest easily through any platform.  Katrina noticed a potential customer almost across the street at Bistro Jeanty and invited him to stop by –

A conversation ensued and the customer did come into the winery and made a sale of four bottles and a great social media shout out by the customer:

In essence this is an amazing story of easy engagement that led to a sale in the slow season of Napa Valley.  Bottom line math: if you get 2 – 20 new customers a day and with the average cart price in Napa Valley you can earn an additional $90K-$900K per year and you differentiate your winery based on better service.

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  • Brendan O’Neil

    Great to see the software allows small teams to scale effectively on social media conversations here.

  • kylemue

    Couldn’t agree more. As a Facebook fan of Cornerstone, I can tell you how they dominate this space compared to their competition. They also make fantastic wines, which doesn’t hurt!

  • Cornerstone is one of the very few wineries actually using social media and doing it well. I have been around social media for some time and love the Craig Camp and the gang make me feel like I am always part of the process. One day I will get to visit Cornerstone and get my photo taken…

  • Customer Service is what is keeping us alive in this tough economy. In the retail industry the competition is fierce with all the discount and promotions we have tried to difference ourselves via great customer service and it has paid off.

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