January 29, 2014

Yes, VinTank in your pocket

You may not know this but we almost exclusively us our own tools to manage our social media efforts.  Over the last year the VinTank team has been increasingly on the go.  With that we continuously realized that unless we delivered social media wherever you are, we weren’t doing our jobs.  So for the last few months we’ve been quietly building a mobile app to put all the power of VinTank in your pocket.

Our job is simple, to deliver signal with context to you.  What do I mean?  As I’ve mentioned in past posts, social media is noisy.  In order to cut through the clutter and get to the meaningful conversations we only deliver to our clients conversations about them, to them, or with them. With those conversations also comes valuable context (who is this person on social media, how many times have they talked about wine, how many times have they interacted with the brand on any social channel, are they a DTC customer, what’s their lifetime value, etc). (Note the e-commerce integration is available only to Vin65 clients.)

Now every relevant conversation regarding your winery/restaurant (to you, with you, and about you) is in YOUR POCKET and you can answer them directly from the VinTank app.  You can also publish new posts to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and search through every customer that has ever interacted with you (followed, liked, commented, or purchased from you).  So without further adieu here are screen shots of the new VinTank iPhone app:


PS – If you want to try some fun experiments try searching on the Customers view for terms like “CEO”, “sommelier”, “New York”, or even the name of a company where you know one of your customers works. By the way, this also works in the desktop version of VinTank. Combine terms and phrases to get as specific as you’d like.

The VinTank mobile app is built exclusively for iPhone and iPad. An Android version is coming soon.

  • Hi Paul, James et al; this sounds like a fantastic addition to the VT stable. Does this only work for the current paid version v3 or with all account versions? Thanks, can’t wait to check it out!

    • Ward, this is only available for businesses on the paid version. In fact, we will be making huge changes to the free version very soon as well.

  • Ho its a great one for vin lovers will check and use!!!!!

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