February 21, 2014

Wineries, Please Stop Taking My Word Why Delectable is Your New Best Friend

In November we announced our exclusive partnership with Delectable and subsequently wrote up why we thought it was the best app ever for the wine industry. 

Today I read Jancis Robinson’s Purple pages where Richard Hemming’s name it the best app for wine lovers and gave it a perfect 10 out of 10 score.

Now here we are in the middle of February and almost every major wine writer in the world has declared how amazing Delectable is for consumers and to for wineries to connect with their customers.  Below is a list of major critics and accolades about Delectable so wineries, please stop taking my word for it and listen to everyone below why Delectable is your new best friend:

With so many highly qualified consumers, trade and press interacting with wines this makes Delectable essential for any wine brand.  Download the app now and connect it to your VinTank account to see how many people are talking about your wines.




  • After excluding half of all wine drinkers by not serving, nor seriously making any attempt to serve, the android market, that 10 out of 10 score normalizes down to 5 out of 10. Other scoring agencies show that Vivino has 10 times the number of users that Delectable has. The functional advantages of Delectable are poor compensation for the smaller community size, even though that community has higher interactivity. But then again, my winery is one of the smallest, so perhaps we’re not worth the trouble. We still love you, even if we are ahead of the curve on not buying into iOS for the sake of Delectable.

    Now you can be happy. Or show me why I’m looking at this in entirely the wrong way.

    • Julia Weinberg

      Trust us, we understand! Android is in the works – we’re still a young company and a small team. Unfortunately you can’t simply port an iOS app over to Android. We believe strongly in creating an excellent product one platform at a time. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built on iOS and are excited for Android to shine just as brightly.
      Consider it like taking on a new vineyard source you KNOW will be amazing. If you don’t have the winery space to bring in that fruit, nor the cellar crew to tend to it, both it and your other lots will suffer.
      But the good news? Following that same winery analogy, we now have the extra tanks and hands. The Android fruit is in the fermenter and it’s going to be the crowing glory of our Spring 2014 release.
      More than happy to talk more, you’re always welcome to email me directly at julia@delectable.com

      • Thanks for the prompt answer to my discomfort. I was advised by a mobile app developer that I would be able to emulate the iOS environment sufficiently under BlueStacks to run Delectable from either a Windows 8 desktop or from an Android, but either I don’t seem to “get” the process or there’s another shortcoming in “outsiders” closing the gap.

    • Hi Julia,

      Thanks for the kind expression, like ripening toward a cool
      weather harvest. As fermentation shifts toward maturation, you may find that you need an experienced hand in use case modeling, use case testing, and user acceptance testing. I know someone with one foot in the wine industry and the other foot in mobile software development lifecycles who could help. Just ask if you are interested.

      Best wishes,

      Rich Reader


  • Jo Diaz


  • its a great honored keep continue

  • Bill Kerr

    Great app… But iOS only? So lame.

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