May 8, 2014

Collect customer info and automatically add to VinTank with Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter Lead Generation Cards allow you to easily gather customer information (name, screen name, and email address) directly from Twitter based on offers or campaigns you build into your Twitter stream. Customers who take advantage of your card on Twitter are automatically added to your VinTank account and can be optionally added to a Customer Segment as well as automatically followed on Twitter.

Great uses of Twitter Lead Generation Cards:

  • Special events (reopening, seasonal)
  • Sign-up for club information
  • Special offers
  • Tasting room/Restaurant specials
  • Newsletter signups

You can setup Lead Generation Cards under the business features on Twitter ( These cards can be used with or without promoted tweets (i.e. they don’t cost anything).

The cards can be published to your followers for free or to non-followers as paid promoted tweets. The card prompts users to hand over their email address (from their twitter profile) to opt-in to whatever the call to action is in your card.

Lead Generation Card Best Practices

Campaign tips for Lead Generation Cards via

  1. Break it up: Create new campaigns that are exclusive to lead generation. This will make it easier to track your results.
  2. Make people feel special: Cards that include exclusive or compelling offers tend to perform better than general requests for sign-ups. Include words like “get,” “sign,” “enter,” “receive,” “find” and “win” to inspire action from your target audience.
  3. Keep it short and sweet: Use a short description in your Lead Generation Card and include a clear call to action.
  4. Create a branded experience: Make sure you include your brand name and/or logo in the banner creative of your Lead Generation Card.
  5. Be relevant: Make sure your Tweet copy matches the offer or content in your Lead Generation Card.
  6. Don’t leave them hanging: Follow up with leads after they submit their contact information. Often times, this just means including them in your existing marketing programs.

For the specific steps to use Twitter Lead Generation Cards to automatically add customers to a VinTank segment see our help article here

Once you setup an integration in VinTank and attach it to your card on Twitter, (more tips on how to compose your tweet with the card are found here) Twitter users will be automatically added as customers and can optionally be added to one or more segments and auto-followed from one or more of your connected Twitter platforms. You will also be able to download a CSV file of your new leads from

Please let us know if you have any questions about the integration, feedback for improvements, as well as successful uses of your Twitter Lead Cards.

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