In our opinion, social media is the great liberator to connecting with consumers in a whole new way and especially important for a regulated, distributed industry. Here we collect all our articles about leveraging VinTank’s Social Connect platform, social media observations, and suggestions how to better leverage social media to improve your success.

July 6, 2016

Every Ending is a New Beginning

There is no other way to start this message without sharing my personal thoughts and feelings. Today, we are announcing our decision to discontinue the operations of the VinTank winery customer platform and its associated online services on July 31st.   Over the last year we have worked as a key arm of W2O Group helping […]

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March 23, 2016

You can now use the TMRW Engine to put the wo...

For businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries, customer reviews are an invaluable tool to... more

September 24, 2014

Insanely Awesome New Feature – Insights...

Yesterday’s blog post, Context is the key to . . . everything, showcased the importance... more

September 23, 2014

Context is the key to . . . everything...

We live in a world where the customer is more in control than ever before.... more

January 29, 2014

Yes, VinTank in your pocket...

You may not know this but we almost exclusively us our own tools to manage... more

December 11, 2013

Walking with Cornerstone – How to engag...

Starting this week we are doing a Wednesday series of successes and challenges of social... more

December 10, 2013

It’s Delectable to connect with people ...

For years we’ve studied wine apps creating report after report after report.  We declared apps... more

August 30, 2013

VinTank Weekly: Why Context Is the Future of ...

With the increasing pace of technological and social change taking place in our lives, we... more

June 20, 2013

Today We Re-release Our Facebook App for Wine...

Today we are re-releasing our VinTank for Wineries Facebook Application after previously using a third-party app from... more

June 18, 2013

There is ALWAYS ROI in Talking to Your Custom...

The number one conversation about social media always ends with “what is the ROI.”  It... more

June 12, 2013

VinTank Evolution...

Today marks a major evolution for VinTank.  First and foremost we are releasing our biggest... more

April 16, 2013

Social Media Emotional Intelligence and the L...

When the World Stops, Increase your Social Media Emotional Intelligence The bombing of the Boston... more