Our Sandbox

This is where we experiment with creating new ideas, new products, applications and technologies to deepen our knowledge of digital wine behavior to better help wineries succeed.  Think of it as our “Google Labs.”

Some of our experiments evolve to fully mature products that we support (TMRW Engine Social Connect), others are created to prove theories and derive key digital learnings to share with the world in our blog our resources area.  There is one common thread, all Sandbox initiatives are created for the betterment of the industry and almost all the products below are enabled by TMRW Engine’s powerful Social Connect platform. Whenever we see an opportunity to innovate using this tool, we create tools quickly and effectively to test and with the wine industry’s best interests in mind. If you don’t think we’ve been busy, take a look below. We encourage you to try any of these tools and services. Some of them are almost ready for prime time, some are still in alpha and beta testing.

Data Syndication

Is your brand being displayed properly in every digital outlet?  Clean data is the #1 problem inhibiting the success of wine online.  We found this problem to be endemic & added it to the our engine so you can enter it once and it is distributed to over 300 outlets.

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FREE Facebook Page

As social networks go, Facebook is an an opportunity for boosting the level of interaction you have with fans of your winery. Why not use it to offer friends, fans, and followers a privileged point of entry to your product catalog on the world’s largest social network?

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Wine Directory

To demonstrate how well our software published rich content and to make it easier for the trade and wine technology companies to find information, we created the wine directory (which is 100% powered by our wine syndication tool).  Another great sandbox experiment.

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Wine Snaps

Just like Google, our team has our fun projects. To demonstrate the Kung fu of our Social Connect API and in a project where we were doing deep analysis on wine journaling behavior in non-wine apps, we built Wine Snaps.

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QR Codes

It’s all the rage. It’s all the buzz. The wine industry has become infatuated with QR code technology as of late. Although we feel there is a valuable role to play for solutions such as QR codes, it’s also almost always poorly executed by the wine industry.

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For Developers

When we built Social Connect and our data syndication network, we had developers in mind just as much as wineries. That means APIs and lots of them with lots of functionality (and trust us, this is just the beginning)!

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Idea Gallery

We often have ideas that leverage our technology but we just don’t have the bandwidth to launch them. So instead of hoarding them for ourselves, we put them here for other innovators, developers, or companies to execute & create cool products.

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