When we built Social Connect and our data syndication network, we had developers in mind just as much as wineries. That means APIs and lots of them with lots of functionality (and trust us, this is just the beginning)!

Although the majority of the APIs we have developed thus far have been around winery and wine data, we do have a social search API that will allow you to query our vast social index of conversations. This API can be used to display social buzz around wine-related content in your app. All of our APIs can be called directly from your app or embedded directly in webpages as a widget.

We will be enhancing our Social Connect API in two significant areas in the near future. First, we will be building an API around our client accounts and SCRM content. This will allow you to more tightly integrate Social Connect information into your applications. We will also be providing a social activity post API that you can use to pipe social activity that occurs in your app directly into the Social Connect engine. This will result in greater exposure of your application to the thousands of wineries and wine companies using Social Connect as well as help wineries learn from and possible engage with your user community.

API Documentation »The TMRW Engine Wine APIs are an open-source approach to quality wine data.