Our Software

The Wine Industry’s best tool for connecting your customers within the social ecosphere. 

Social Connect is the only Social Media Monitoring platform that has an intense focus on the wine industry, allowing you access to millions of conversations and consumers that are currently talking about your wines. Unlike other social media monitoring tools you may be familiar with, our tools recognize the full context of true wine conversations and their impact as a wine consumer. We take in over 1 million wine conversations a day and actively analyze:

  • 300,000 social sites including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, & more
  • 15,000 wine-focused blogs
  • 110,000 forum sites
  • 11 million social customer profiles
  • Location Based platforms like FourSquare, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and more
  • Major tasting note platforms and applications like Cellar Tracker, Drync, WineLog and more

All these conversations and customers are then presented to you in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Whether you produce 100’s of cases or 100’s of Thousands of cases we have a solution that will fit your business needs.

We also provide the wine industry’s only solution focused on providing clean, complete, and accurate information on wineries, wines, tasting rooms and more. This data is used to power hundreds of websites, mobile applications, wine competitions, and social networks representing nearly 10 million wine consumers.

Social Connect Plans

TMRW Engine Lite – $35.00 per month

Sign Up »Gain the ability to see and manage all your social customers including making notes, categorizing, and reporting for your customers. You will also have the ability to manage your Facebook wall and Twitter conversations right from within the platform.

TMRW Engine Pro – $150.00 per month

Sign Up »Integrate your e-commerce, club, tasting room, e-mail customers into the software allowing you to see how many times your club members are talking about you, customer ROI, Lifetime customer values, and more

TMRW Engine Enterprise – Inquire for Pricing

Inquire »SCRM Enterprise is intended for wine companies that are looking for the macro view and trending of the industry to establish as well as validate marketing initiatives, strategies, targeted consumers etc.

TMRW Engine Elite – Inquire for Pricing

Inquire »For our TMRW Engine Elite tier, the new TMRW Engine brings powerful and groundbreaking geofencing, social prospecting and lead generating tools.