Completely take control of the conversations and customers through the media channels that you own including, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and more. Never before have you been able to gain access to so much information about your social customers as well as finally save and manage your time by not having to log-in to multiple social networks, platforms or other software programs.

The TMRW Engine Lite plan contains all of the rich features and listening capabilities that are offered in the basic version of the TMRW Engine software. However, there are key advanced features that our winery partners have been asking to have developed to enhance the experience and software capabilities. Some of these features include:

  • Manage Facebook– connect your Facebook Fan page and manage the conversations and interactions directly from inside the platform.
  • Facebook Customers– annotate, organize and report at a DEEPER level on all your Facebook interactions.
  • Customer Details – you can see ALL your social customers and annotate, segment and follow-up on them.
  • Super Fans – ability to view your top social customers’ from each of your social platforms.
  • Customer Segmentation – segment all your social customers based on your own segment names, categories, and notes.
  • Foursquare Analytics – view Foursquare check-in and user activity at your locations, including the ability to post updates that are seen to users throughout Foursquare.
  • Instagram Activity – monitor and manage Instagram activity (photos, comments, likes) at or near your location(s). If you have an Instagram account for your brand, you can even monitor its activity from within your TMRW Engine account.
  • Facebook Insights – Rich analytics on your Facebook fan page, customer interactions and more.
  • More Owned Social Channels– connect additional channels including your brand’s Twitter account.
  • Mobile App– access and answer conversations on the go.

The cost of the TMRW Engine Lite program is $825/year/per brand. There is also an option to be billed on a monthly basis for the TMRW Engine Lite features for $75/month for each brand that you represent. To gain access to all of these great social media and customer relationship management features, sign up for a new account below.

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